Mary Harpley, Chief Officer, Greater London Authority

" I am looking for exceptional candidates to fill three new posts that will be part of my senior team."

Mary Harpley, Chief Officer, Greater London Authority


Executive Director appointments to the Greater London Authority

I joined the GLA as Chief Officer last September and can genuinely say that I still feel as excited about my job as I did the first morning I walked along the river towards City Hall.

I was previously Chief Executive at the London Borough of Hounslow and thought I knew quite a lot about the GLA's work as a result. However, it is my experience that only once you are here, is it possible to appreciate the breadth of the work undertaken in support both of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

One of the first tasks awaiting me was a review of the structure of the Corporate Management Team which I have now concluded.

As a result, I am looking for exceptional candidates to fill three new posts that will be part of my senior team.

The posts - Executive Director for Good Growth; Executive Director for Communities and Skills; and Executive Director for Strategy and Communications - are detailed on this microsite. Each has its own emphasis and requirements, but what I really want to highlight here is my hope that we can fill these three roles with people who have a passion to make a difference for Londoners and who are committed to working collaboratively as part of a tight-knit Corporate Management Team and broader Senior Leadership Team.

In parallel with delivering a diverse range of innovative, sometimes world-leading programmes, we are also putting some significant effort into changing the way we work, into supporting our ability to attract the best and most diverse talent, and into becoming the exemplar employer the Mayor expects us to be. The three people we appoint into these roles will play a major role in helping us meet these and a whole host of other ambitions.

I will be joined at the final panels for these posts by the Mayor's Chief of Staff and a senior member of the London Assembly, reflecting both the seniority and importance of these three roles.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to reading your application.

Mary Harpley
Chief Officer, Greater London Authority

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