This is an exciting, but challenging time for the GLA as we focus on leading London's recovery from the pandemic with a number of key partners. As the lead in Human Resources & Organisational Development, you will be at the forefront of ensuring that the organisation remains always up for the challenges it faces now and in the future.

At the same time, you will be working alongside me and the senior management team making a vital contribution to settling the organisation successfully into its new City Hall in the Royal Docks and the new ways of working that will bring, and working closely with Transport for London as we implement a shared services programme for part of the GLA's HR & OD function.

We are looking for an exceptional candidate who can accelerate our work to create a more inclusive culture and a workforce that is truly reflective of the city we serve. We have made some very good progress, but we still have much to do. The Mayor has been very clear about the exemplar employer he expects the GLA to be. We need someone who is passionate about delivering that goal.

This appointment will play a major role in helping us meet these and a whole host of other corporate ambitions.

Thank you for your interest in this post and I look forward to reading your application.

Mary Harpley
Chief Officer, Greater London Authority

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