The Mayor in the home of a resident sat on the sofa laughing

The Mayor of London

The role of the Mayor of London

The Mayor of London sets the budget and is responsible for making London a better place for everyone who visits, lives or works in the city. The Mayor is elected every four years. 

Changing London for the better

The Mayor wants London to be a ’city for all Londoners'.

His work includes:

  • making it easier for people to move in and around the city
  • improving London’s environment
  • helping the capital’s businesses to thrive
  • providing Londoners with more affordable housing
  • giving young people in London more opportunities

Setting the vision for London

The Mayor sets an overall vision for London. He has a duty to create plans and policies for the capital covering:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Business & Economy
  • Environment
  • Fire
  • Health
  • Housing and Land
  • Planning
  • Policing & Crime
  • Regeneration
  • Sport
  • Transport
  • Young People

Other priorities for the Mayor include higher education, foreign Investment and attracting events and conferences to London.

Find out more about each of these priorities here.

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