The Major stood on a bridge with London traffic in the background

Vision and objectives

The Mayor’s vision and objectives

The Mayor has put forward a vision for the sustainable development of London over the period covered by the new London Plan:

Over the years to 2036 – and beyond, London should:

excel among global cities – expanding opportunities for all its people and enterprises, achieving the highest environmental standards and quality of life and leading the world in its approach to tackling the urban challenges of the 21st century, particularly that of climate change.

Achieving this vision will mean making sure London makes the most of the benefits of the energy, dynamism and diversity that characterise the city and its people; embraces change while promoting its heritage, neighbourhoods and identity; and values responsibility, compassion and citizenship.

This high level, over-arching vision is supported by six detailed objectives. These embody the concept of sustainable development. They give more detail about how the vision should be implemented, and link it to the detailed policies in the following chapters:

Ensuring London is:

1. A city that meets the challenges of economic and population growth in ways that ensure a sustainable, good and improving quality of life and sufficient high quality homes and neighbourhoods for all Londoners and help tackle the huge issue of deprivation and inequality among Londoners, including inequality in health outcomes.

2. An internationally competitive and successful city with a strong and diverse economy and an entrepreneurial spirit that benefit all Londoners and all parts of London; a city which is at the leading edge of innovation and research and which is comfortable with – and makes the most of – its rich heritage and cultural resources.

3. A city of diverse, strong, secure and accessible neighbourhoods to which Londoners feel attached, which provide all of its residents, workers, visitors and students – whatever their origin, background, age or status – with opportunities to realise and express their potential and a high quality environment for individuals to enjoy, live together and thrive.

4. A city that delights the senses and takes care over its buildings and streets, having the best of modern architecture while also making the most of London’s built heritage, and which makes the most of and extends its wealth of open and green spaces, natural environments and waterways, realising their potential for improving Londoners’ health, welfare and development.

5. A city that becomes a world leader in improving the environment locally and globally, taking the lead in tackling climate change, reducing pollution, developing a low carbon economy, consuming fewer resources and using them more effectively.

6. A city where it is easy, safe and convenient for everyone to access jobs, opportunities and facilities with an efficient and effective transport system which actively encourages more walking and cycling, makes better use of the Thames and supports delivery of all the objectives of this Plan.